Friday, September 30, 2005

New model for e-commerce

Say "online shopping" and there will emerge feelings of inconsistency, confusion, dis-trust e.t.c. Currently in India, people have only one reliable platform for e-shopping and thats eBay. I believe there are a lot of flaws in the eBay model and there are some appreciable facts also about it though.
My vision: There should be a better model/platform for online selling/buying, a website where sellers can sign up for free and run their business online. Buyers can sign up for free, log in and search for the particular product they are looking for and locate a buyer nearer to them who is selling the product for a reasonable price. There should be an easy to use User Interface, a very clean and uncluttered design, unlike eBay or Amazon that show hundreds of things on a single page and confuse the buyer.

If you have any ideas or have any complaints about the existing e-shopping models, please drop in an email ( or post a comment.