Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Web 2.0 e-commerce company

I feel the web is moving towards a more generalized pattern and towards a standard.
Like, personal web pages were random and radically different from eachother while all the blogs follow a specific design and pattern and framework. Same thing with Wikipedia. provides information about each and everything but in a definite pattern and model and everything fits into that model.

My vision is to create such a pattern, standard and framework for an e-commerce company. eBay and Amazon are not working like wikipedia or blogs hence I consider them to be web 1.0 companies. Information about buyers and sellers in eBay and Amazon is not formatted and doesnt fit into a framework. This will not be the case in a web 2.0 e-commerce company.

So far what I have learnt from web 2.0 is "information shouldnt be presented as flashy and haphazard, information should be presented in an organized and disciplined manner and should fit in a framework".